#Tax file number


Australia has several numbers that various government organisations use to identify entities. The Australian tax office uses a tax file number to organise all the entities in the country.

A tax file number or TFN is a 9 digit number typically formatted with spaces after every 3 digits. “123 123 123”

The TFN should be kept confidential as it is used to verify identities in some cases.

Every entity whether a company, trust, individual etc can apply for a free TFN. Individuals will usually apply for one when they start their first job, businesses typically apply for an ABN when they are first formed and the TFN will automatically be allocated.

##Legislative Background

Tax file numbers are legally established in the income tax assessment act 1936 (part VA) to increase the efficiency of matching taxpayers to the information they submit to the commissioner

##How to get a TFN


Fill out online form and take it to the post office where they will verify your identity


Apply for an ABN on abr and be given one automatically